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Why Do I Love Calligraphy?

Good question.  Why do I love calligraphy?  This is one of those questions that I thought would have an obvious and immediate answer, but I had to really sit down and think about this one.  I thought about it all morning yesterday and couldn’t come up with anything deeper than “because it’s pretty.”  I know, it’s a lame answer for someone who loves calligraphy.  So I asked myself again, “Why do you love calligraphy, Nina?” and then I released it into the Universe and took the pressure off my mind to answer on the spot.

I went about my day not really giving the question anymore thought.  As I was getting ready for bed, I asked myself the question one more time: “Why do you love calligraphy, Nina?”  And as I closed my eyes to sleep, a voice answered, “Because I love who I become when I do it.”  Holy cow.  Really?  Right now?!  I’m trying to sleep here!  “Well, you asked,” the voice said.  Apparently, I think I’m funny.  Sleepily, tapped the answer in my Notes app and, quite pleased about the depth of my answer, fell into a deep slumber.

I woke up at 5:30 this morning pumped up to answer this question once and for all.

Why do I love calligraphy?

I love calligraphy because of who I become and who I allow myself to be when I practice it.  I become patient, determined, and disciplined as I learn to coordinate my mind, body, and soul (yes, there’s a spiritual element to it).  I allow myself to be a student, a beginner, a newbie, when I study exemplars of the past masters and my contemporaries.  I become a teacher when I share with others what I have learned.  I allow my inner artist to play, get messy, and experiment.  Calligraphy gives me a boost of self-confidence and permission to have fun.  In a nutshell, calligraphy inspires me to become more of who I already am.  That’s why I love it.


One comment on “Why Do I Love Calligraphy?

  1. portiahand
    December 7, 2015

    I love how you answered the question. The wonders of calligraphy. Kudos to you, Nina!

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